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Wipeout, Like a Brother is the tenth episode of season 2 of Wipeout.

Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier King of the


Dizzy Dummy 2.0 Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 "M. Night Look-A-Like" Kerin Alfaro 3rd (02:45.9) 1st 2nd Winner (17:22.38)
2 "Bride to Be" Kristen Egizi 1st (02:16.4) 4th 1st 2nd Place (17:46.25)
3 "Track Star" Susie Packard 2nd (02:24.9) 2nd 3rd Out of Time
4 "Iron Haden" James Haden 10th (4:15.3) 6th 4th Quit
5 "Clumsy Chef" Tonee Lam 9th (3:57.7) 5th Eliminated
"Booty-Licious" Erika Reinert 5th (3:11.2) 3rd Eliminated
7 "Twin" Cara Berlein 6th (3:25.0) Eliminated
"Twin" Stephanie Tremblay 7th (3:31.8) Eliminated
"Carnie" Howard Jones 8th (3:45.6) Eliminated
"Yoga Fan" Alex Koromzay 4th (3:03.4) Eliminated
Cameron Pinckney 12th (4:32.0) Eliminated
"Female Football Player" Jody Van Zanten 11th (4:25.8) Eliminated


  • Cara Berlien & Stephanie Tremblay became the first set of twins to compete on Wipeout
  • Susie Packard became the 4th person and second female to cross the Fender Bender.
  • Kristen Egizi is the first competitor to cross the Log Roll successfully.