Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier Gyro Sweeper Bucking Bull Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 'Motoring' Melia Quiray
(Age: 25)
2nd (03:06.1) 2nd 2nd (01:09.00) Winner (08:40.81)*
2 'Executive Assistant'

Kim Dockery

(?) 3rd 4th (00:44.17) 2nd Place (09:31.09)
3 'Mad Cow' Craig Goettsche (?) $1000 3rd (00:47.80) Out of Time
'Dr. Skinny' Blake Snedeker
(Age: 20)
(?) 5th 1st (01:16.60) Out of Time**
5 'Mr. Wig' Dominick Santos
(Age: 30)
(?) 4th Eliminated (00:29.65)
Kevin 'The Comedian' Lavis (?) 6th Eliminated (00:20.91)
7 Daniel Berilla 'aka Scrappy' (?) Eliminated
'Grilled Cheeze' Anthony Caldera (?) Eliminated
'Spicy' Caleb Guevara 1st (02:59.6) Eliminated
'Giant' Conrad Maag (?) Eliminated
'Canadian' Tanya Perrin (?) Eliminated
Katy 'The Contortionist' Walters 05:07.3 Eliminated

* Melia Quiray became the first female to become second place of 3 out of four events on Wipeout. She also became the first female Wipeout champion in Season 2 in regulation episodes where there were men in the Wipeout Zone.

** Although he lost, Dr. Skinny still finished the Wipeout Zone.

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