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The 500th Contestant is the seventh episode of season 2 of Wipeout.



Competition: Finals
Week Qualifier Sweeper Slippery Course Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 "Choir Boy" Donovan Eberling 1st (2:51.4) 2nd 1st Winner (07:32.32)

"The 500th Contestant" Valerie Barrera

2nd (3:30.1) 1st 4th 2nd Place (12:50.16)
3 "The Winner" Shannon Stotz 7th (4:29.9) 3rd 2nd Out of Time
"Soulman" Mark Saldana 8th (4:38.7) 4th 3rd Out of Time
5 "Chili Bean" Robert Martinez 5th (4:06.7) 6th Eliminated
6 "Military Mom" Teri Lathrop 10th (4:59.0) 5th Injured


7 "The 501st Contestant" Mona Mahani 12th (5:23.0) Eliminated
8 "The Mooner" Michael Chao 11th (5:11.1) Eliminated
9 Brittany Zubiate 3rd (3:45.5) Eliminated
10 "Vampire" Constantin Ciorgariu 6th (4:12.7) Eliminated
11 Craig Glover 9th (4:51.9) Eliminated
12 "Robo-Traffic Cop" Terry Smith 4th (3:51.7) Eliminated

Trivia & Notes[]

  • Valerie Barrera is the 500th contestant to be on Wipeout, hence the episode title.
  • Terry Smith is the first contestant to survive getting hit by the Motivator, and actually was able to become the oldest contestant to successfully cross the Big Balls because of it.