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Rocket to Wipeout is the third episode of season 2 of Wipeout.



Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier Sweeper The Rocket Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 "Toy Tester" Chuck Trout 1st (3:14.0) 1st 1st (01:04.10) Winner (08:49.37)
2 "Rebellious Husband" Joe Dycus 7th (4:18.7) 3rd 2nd (00:59.82) Out Of Time
"Insane" Shane Hartgrave 3rd (3:29.3) 2nd 4th (00:46.94) Out Of Time
"Tiny Dancer" Andrew Nienu 11th (5:19.1) 4th 3rd (00:54.04) Out Of Time
5 "Fat" Matt Ordway 2nd (03:26.2) 6th Eliminated (00:37.35)
6 "Band Director" Donn Hallman 10th (5:06.2) 5th Quit
7 "Farm Girl" Christine Jones   4th (3:49.9) Eliminated
8 "Mullet Man" Rodney Hooten 5th (4:04.08) Eliminated
9 "Pudding Princess" Kassy Diaz 9th (4:43.7) Eliminated
10 "Model" Nikki Hoard 6th (4:06.6) Eliminated
11 Carrie Lewis 12th (5:35.5) Eliminated
12 Ian Overson 8th (4:22.0) Eliminated

Trivia & Notes[]

  • This episode is the first all-male Wipeout Zone in Season 2.
  • First ever episode to have the third round with all males and no females.
  • Chuck Trout is the first contestant in Wipeout to come in 1st place in all rounds.