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Wipeout of Hockey is the first episode of season 2. This is the first episode to be presented in HD, as all episodes onward are presented in high-definition.



Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier Gyro Sweeper Slippery Course Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 "Cheap Date" Tim Spratt 1st (3:38.5) 2nd 4th Winner (04:40.64)
2 "Suave" Fernando Garcia 2nd (3:49.3) 1st 1st 2nd Place (07:05.00)

"Role Model" Michelle Avedissian

4th (4:14.0) 5th 2nd Out Of Time
4 "Trash Talker" Devon Berry 3rd (4:06.4) 3rd 3rd Quit
5 "The Ditzy Princess" Crystal Wilhite 8th (5:08.4) 4th Eliminated
"Shiny" Vicky Kim 11th (05:52.6) 6th Eliminated
7 "Bikini Bus Boy" Kyle Rhoads 5th (4:28.6) Eliminated
8 Hali Hudson 12th (5:57.4) Eliminated
9 "Queen of the Balls" Jodi Schulman 10th (5:44.1) Eliminated
10 "Silver Fury" Jasmine Sanchez 9th (5:29.2) Eliminated
11 "Superfan" Julio Chavez 6th (4:42.4) Eliminated
12 Lenka Jamrichova 7th (4:57.8) Eliminated

Trivia & Notes[]

  • Vicky Kim is the first contestant of Season 2.
  • Tim Spratt is the first to conquer the Slippery Swing Set.
  • Kyle Rhoads is the first to conquer A Bridge Too Far.