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Wipeout Bowl I is the pilot episode of season 2 of Wipeout. It is the first themed competition in Wipeout, where 12 cheerleaders and 12 couch potatoes compete on the course.



Competition: Finals
Week: Football Qualifier Football King of the Mountain Football Dizzy Dummy 2.0 Football Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 "Baby Face" Monica Kaufmann 3rd (02:38.5) 1st 1st Winner (04:20.62)
2 "Cursy" Ali Bundrant 7th (03:26.2) 6th 2nd 2nd Place (08:13:86)
3 "Putt Egg" Robert Davis 2nd (02:13.3) 5th 4th Out of Time
"Super Stu" Stuart Yasutake 11th (04:46.4) 4th 3rd Out of Time
5 "New Dad" Scott Klase 10th (04:12.6) 2nd Eliminated
6 "Fiancee" Shawnee Achord 6th (03:24.6) 3rd Quit
7 "Blondie" Keelee Bledsoe 5th (03:23.0) Eliminated
Chelsea Costa 4th (02:56.5) Eliminated
Brian Gutknecht 9th (04:10.4) Eliminated
"Pro Gambler" Jesse Jones 12th (5:01.1) Eliminated
Dustin Kieft 8th (03:44.1) Eliminated
Shara O'Leary 1st (02:09.4) Eliminated

Trivia & Notes[]

  • Robert Davis is the first one to cross the Heavy Bag Run successfully.
  • Chelsea Costa is the first one to cross the Ten Yard Dash successfully.
  • Monica Kaufmann became the first woman to win Wipeout.
  • NFL's Hall of Famers' Micheal Irvin, Keyshawn Johnson and Reggie Bush made a special appearance at Wipeout.