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Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier Sweeper Dreadmill Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 "The Perfect Specimen" Seamus Rodden 3rd 1:45 2:52
2 "Golden Guns" Marisa Heuttner 4th 2:12 3:13
3 "Skater Boy" Chris Elder 1st 3:02 3:34
4 "Lion Tamer" Robbie Doyle 1:39 5th 2:11 Out Of Time
5 "Breakdancing Big Al" Alex Mesa 2nd 3:40
6 "The Count" Robert Vanderpluym* 6th Quit
7 "The Female Jim Carrey" Jordana Cashman 2:13 Eliminated
8 "Personal Trainer" Phillipa Robinson Eliminated
9 "Drag Queen" Gerard Robinson Eliminated
10 "School Teacher" Kay Redding Eliminated
11 "G.I." Jody Collier Eliminated
12 "Ex-Bikini Model" Tiarne Hawkins 2:11 Eliminated

* Robert and "Big Head" Rob Green from the next episode, along with three Turkish contestant and American contestant Jacob "Crunch Time" Mann, were nominated for "Best International Wipeout" on the "Total Wipeout Awards".