Wipeout Wiki

James: The stage is set!

Lockie McDonald: AH-AH-AH-AHH!!

James: 20 men and women from across Australia are about to compete in the most outreagous obstacle course this country’s ever seen!

Melissa Gosling-Smith: Don’t try this at home, kids!

James: Those tough enough will endure breathtaking spills, spectacular tumbles, and incredible falls!

Miles Cottman: WHOO!!

James: Only the fastest and strongest four will survive and take a shot in $20,000! But to achieve the cash and claim ultimate glory they’ll have to overcome the biggest of their lives, the Wipeout Zone, the final step to $20,000! The epic competition begins right now…

THIS is Wipeout Australia!

Jamie Kelso (offscreen): buck buck bu-guck

James: Hello everyone, I’m James Brayshaw alongside me, Josh Lawson. Today, 20 regular Aussies will be competing in the largest, and most awesome obstacle course ever created.

Josh: And one of them’s gonna walk away $20,00 richer. But first, everything starts with our Qualifier.

James: That’s right, the Qualifier consists of 4 obstacles: This week, we have the towers of delicious donuts, the Sucker Punch, everyone’s favorite, the Big Balls, and finally, the Pole Vault.

Josh: Getting through that awesome foursome is gonna require bravery, determination, and more than a little stupidity. First up, here’s a contestant whose athleticism is matched only by her dress sets.