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Competition: Finals
Week Qualifier (Water Beams, Sucker Punch Wall, Big Balls, Donut Swing) Sweeper Sack Race Dizzy Dummy (Double Beams, Barrel Crossing) Wipeout Zone (Killer Surf with Red and White Balls, Barrel Run, Water Wall, Sponge Towel Spinner, Roller, Launch Pads)
Place Contestant Results
1 Philip 'The Walrus Whisperer' Demers 3rd (02:36,91) 1st 1st* Winner (01:51,56)
2 Brett 'The Baconator' Bacon 1st (02:13,75) 2nd 3rd 2nd Place (01:55,10)
3 'Powerlifter' Ashley Werner 10th (05:00,32) 6th 2nd Late Finish (2:13,37)
4 'Yummy Mummy' Heather Westmacott 2nd (02:24,63) 3rd 4th 4th Place (3:17,07)
5 Matthew 'Keep It Classy' Hartery 4th (3:10,75) 4th Eliminated
'Megawatt' Kevin Chernenkoff 8th (04:36,02) 5th Eliminated
'Psycho Strongman' Glen MacCharles 5th (3:12,76) 7th Eliminated
8 Sizula 'Shy' Pitsiulak 12th (5:28,00) Eliminated
9 'Soccer Sweetheart' Sara Agnew 7th (04:29,00) Eliminated
10 'Angry Housewife' Dawn Skelton 11th (05:01,08) Eliminated
11 'Groupie' Heather Morrison 9th (04:52,39) Eliminated
12 'Groom To Be' Boloy Lokombo 6th (04:05,12) Eliminated
13 'Drunk Housewife' Suzanne Scott Eliminated
14 'Turbine' Ryan Irvine Eliminated
15 Jasmine 'The Cheese-Lord' Newiadomski Eliminated
16 Ryan 'Of Green Gables' MacDonald Eliminated
17 Stephen 'Evolutionist' Yee Eliminated
18 'Ventriloquist' Michelle Zeilstra Eliminated
19 'Wine Officianado' Neil Harris Eliminated
20 Sandra Yang Eliminated
  • Philip Demers got the free pass to the Wipeout Zone.