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"Unbreakable" Elise Schuetz was a contestant who competed on S4E02 'The Musical' and later returned on S5E10 'Winners and Losers' where she teamed up with "Freak of Nature" Frank Beasley. Elise's nickname came from her repeatedly wiping out in a particularly brutal fashion.


Season 4[]


Elise's attempt at the first obstacle 'Mogul Madness', was not shown. Upon reaching the Big Balls, Elise ran incredibly fast down the Snowtivator, the added momentum sent her flying over the first and second ball, before she bellyflopped hard on the third ball and fell into the water. Elise attempt at the third obstacle the Snow Plow Sweeper, also was not shown. At the final obstacle the Yule Log Jam, Elise cleared the spanker bar on the first log and dove headfirst onto the second log, as the second log was tilting far to the left, this move caused her land on her stomach and bend her legs all the way around and past her head in a scorpion pose, before she fell into the water. Despite the brutality of her fall, Elise finished with a time of 02:45.8 which was good enough to advance to the next round.

Ski Lift[]

Elise performed well on the Ski Lift, easily making it over the sweeper arms, and was able to hold on to become one of the 6 moving on to the next round, where she would be joined by Jason Ondo, Tiffany Saenz, Erick Granados, Steve Brant, and Marcos Bellet. During the $1000 bonus round, Elise was able to stay on longer than Marcos, Steve, and Erick. Elise finally fell off in a brutal wipeout when she was hit from behind by the second sweeper and was sent flying into the side of the pedestal behind her.

Seven Letter Word[]

Once the horn sounded for round 1, Elise was the first to tackle the sweepers on the W where she was tripped up and shoved all the way back. As she moved in for another try, Tiffany moved ahead of her and got tripped up herself and was pushed into the path of Elise by the sweeper, Elise then fell over Tiffany before both were pushed back down the starting ramp. When she was finally in a position to jump to the I, Elize tried to jump, but was hit by a sweeper which pinned her against the side of the W before she fell. Elise was not shown again for the rest of the round and Tiffany ended up taking the 1st spot in the Wipeout Zone. For round 2, Elise was first out of the gate again and reached the I but landed on her knees and thus was unable to move out of the way of the sweeper arm, given that the I was moving side to side. Elise finally got passed the W and I offscreen and joined Marcos on the E. Elise's first jump to the O was a failure and by the time she swam back up to the E, Jason was able to jump onto the O and then onto the U. Elise then succeeded on her next jump to the U, followed closely by Marcos who tried to pull ahead of her but failed on his jump to U. Erick then joined Elise on the O and also failed to reach the U. After Erick fell, Elise finally made a move and but could succeed on her jump to the U and fell, afterwards Jason took the 2nd spot in the Zone. Now in the final round, Elise once again started ahead of the others and tried to reach the I but her left leg caught the sweeper arm, and she was yanked back into the water. Elise is last shown standing on the W while everyone else was ahead of her, and was not seen again for the rest of the round. The final spot in the Wipeout Zone would be taken by Erick, thus Elise was elimated from the competition.