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Season 3's Double Cross

The Double Cross is a Round Two course used in Season 3, replacing both the Sweeper and King of the Mountain from Season 2. It was interchanged with the Overdrive as a Round Two course throughout the season.

The twelve contestants stand on a 10-foot-high starting platform as four planks move in a circular motion. They must enter on one of the three green planks, exit off the red plank, and cross the Unstable Table to the finish platform. They also have to avoid four sweeper arms rotating in the opposite direction. If they wipeout, they must head back and start all over. The first six contestants to make it across move on to the next round.

The obstacle was first featured in S3E2, the first regular episode of Season 3. It then later appeared in episodes 3, 6, 7, 9, 12, 13, 16, and 18. On episode 13, the Wrecking Ball was added. Contestant 'Cowboy' Andrew Sherman from episode 2 is very well known for his performance on this stunt as he passed it in mere seconds without wiping out. This performance was later repeated by Ken "The Mimic" Wade in S3E12, who also made it across immediately after the horn went.

It is featured on Wipeout: The Game in extreme mode as the third round.

In Season 4, it was replaced by the Ski Lift.