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The Double Barrel is an obstacle, first introduced as the fifth and final obstacle in the Qualifier in Season 4, Episode 16 (the first episode of Summer Wipeout) and would later appear in episodes 17, 20, 23, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, and 30. It was interchanged with the Wipeout Kitchen as the fifth obstacle for the remainder of the season.

It consists of a large spinning pill-shaped board with two circular indentations, making it look like the front of a double-barrel shotgun. Placed on either side of the structure is a thin entrance/exit walkway. Contestants must hop into one of the circles, ride it around for a bit, and finally dismount the circle onto the finish platform.

In episode 17, the circles featured ice cream in them.
In episode 23, the circles featured chocolate chip cookies in them.
In episode 24, the circles featured frosting in them.
In episode 26, the circles featured pizzas in them.
In episode 27, the obstacle had a theme called Ballsy's Aquatic Adventure.
In episode 28, the obstacle had a theme called Ballsy's Two Ring Circus.
In episode 29, the obstacle was in space.
In episode 30, the obstacle had a theme called Surfing Safari and was modified to have swinging surfboards inside of the circles, which contestants must ride around instead.