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The Door Knocker was an obstacle added in Season 7 of Wipeout, appearing as the first obstacle in the qualifier.

Inspired by season 3’s Door Knock, the stunt consists of three doors, with contestants having to run up and choosing to open one. However, behind every is a hydraulic arm hidden inside the platform. Doors number 1 and 2 feature a hydraulic arm that pops from behind the doors, while door number 3 has a hydraulic arm hidden directly behind the contestant, pushing them off once they open the door. This led to many surprised contestants. If they somehow manage to dodge or withstand the blow of the hammer, they can go through the door and complete the challenge.

In Season 7, Episode 6, the obstacle was renamed “The Johns” and featured 3 makeshift toilet bowls behind the doors. The hydraulic arms still functioned the same.


  • The Door Knocker featured the pie as the 1st, and chocolate cake as the 2nd.
  • In Season 7 Episode 2, the 3 contestants play a competition game called "Don't Open That Door!". They wiped out for choosing the wrong door.