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The Door Knock is an obstacle that was added in Season 3. It has appeared twice, and is always featured as the first obstacle of the Qualifier.

The stunt consists of three doors, of which the contestants have to choose one. The contestants were told that they had to 'do the challenge that was behind the door they picked'. However, after every door stands a giant hammer that knocks the contestants in the mud. If they somehow manage to dodge or withstand the blow of the hammer, they can go through the door and complete the challenge. The first one to do so is 'Samoan Warrior' Isaia Ofoia.

In Wipeout: The Game, the Door Knock functions differently in that players must run across the three doors, with hammers coming out randomly.

Conquered by[]

Kodie Elzie takes a hit but hangs on.

# Contestant Episode
1 Isaia Ofoia 3x03: Anderson Can't Dance
2 Amanda Raddatz 3x03: Anderson Can't Dance
3 Rene Thorn 3x03: Anderson Can't Dance
4 Kodie Elzie 3x11: Knock, Knock, Who's There? Wipeout?
5 Frank Beasley 3x11: Knock, Knock, Who's There? Wipeout?

Frank Beasley is the only one known not to be hit by the hammer.


  • The Wipeout producers had a hard time designing the doors. They made these double doors so contestants had to stand in the middle of them, close to the doors, with little chance of avoiding the impact.
  • The head of the hammer is two feet of foam. Behind the hammer however, is a 5 inch thick metal pipe. You can't even lift it.
  • This obstacle came back in Season 7, but with a differant look and added features.