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The Dizzy Dummy is the most popular obstacle for the third round. Basically you spin until you're good and dizzy, and That first appeared in Season 1.

Dizzy Dummy

 then they complete an obstacle, whoever wins that obstacle moves on, the remaining 5 get back on the Dizzy Dummy and go on a different obstacle and do that, and when that's done, they do it again, until there is 4 people moving on.

In Season 2, they have the Dizzy Dummy 2.0, which is basically the same as the regular Dizzy Dummy, only they have to go through a keyhole, door, bungee web, or a football post to get throughout the course.

On (S1x3) contestant Jarren Joshu had thrown up on the Dizzy Dummy causing him to drop out of the running for $50,000. As he stated in his interview with Jill, "I gave everything I had and a little bit more." Causing to him to win a Wipey for  "Dizziest Dummy" and this moment ranked in at #3 on Wipeout's Top 25 Moments.

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