Debbie Markham
Debbie on the Double Cross


Debbie Markham


Sugar Mama







3x03, 5x18


1st, 3rd

Eliminated in

Wipeout Zone (once)


Won Wipeout, Crossed Gut Buster

Debbie Markham was a contestant on the third episode of the third season called "Anderson Can't Dance", in which she took the gold as the first individual female contestant of the season. She's called "Sugar Mama", because of her love for sugary food. This causes her to have a lot of energy on and off the course. She returned for the All-Star Couple edition in Episode 5x18 but ran out of time in the Wipeout Zone.She was paired with 'Bigmouth' Allison Bishop.

Interview[edit | edit source]

Debbie shares her sugar.

During the interview, Debbie is shown to be an energetic lady with a love for sugar, exclaiming that it's going to help her win Wipeout. While sharing Cookies with Jill, she explains that she has two children who also love sugar.

Run[edit | edit source]

3x03[edit | edit source]

5x18[edit | edit source]

Results[edit | edit source]

3x03[edit | edit source]

Qualifier 3rd (03:34.9)
Double Cross 2nd
Unclaimed Baggage 3rd
Wipeout Zone in Space 1st (06:16.58)

5x18[edit | edit source]

Individual[edit | edit source]
Couple[edit | edit source]
Qualifier / 2nd
The Hangover 6th 2nd
Spin Psycho 1st 1st
Wipeout Zone 3rd (Out of time) /

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