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"Yams Man" Dave Klec competed on Wipeout for his rabbit Yams who had a problem with his eye. He made it to the Wipeout Zone but didn't make it as a winner. He returned in a season 4 All-Star episode but lost in round 3.


Season 2[]


Dave gave a blistering performance on the qualifier completing the first obstacle, the Sweeper Run, with ease. On the Big Balls, he made all the way to the third ball before wiping out. He made it halfway across the 'Log Balls" before falling, and halfway across the Fender Bender before falling. Dave finished with a time of 1:56.0, easily advancing to the next stage.

King of the Mountain[]

On King of the Mountain, Dave waited for several rotations before attempting the obstacle and succeeded on his first attempt without wiping out once. He was the second to reach the top after 'Irish Lad' Billy Mannering. This specific episode had contestants throwing dodgeballs during King of the Mountain, and so as Dave waited at the top of the mountain, he took several headshots from contestant, Eva Sadok, but these hits did not phase him and he stayed on the top of the mountain and advanced to the next stage alongside Billy, Eva, Brett Salazar, Shannon Reeve, and Janna Kovensky.

Dizzy Dummy 2.0[]

On this Dizzy Dummy course, Dave and the others would have to climb through the 'Bungie Web' at the top of the spinner after being spun on the Dizzy Dummy. Once off the spinner, for rounds 1 and 3, they would face 'Beamwalk Dodgeball', a series of balance beams they'd have to cross while being absolutely pelted by dodgeballs. For rounds 2 and 4, they would face the 'Blue Ball Run', a path of big blue rubber balls they'd have to navigate across.

During round 1, Dave was the second to get through the Bungie Web after Brett. On Beamwalk Dodgeball, he momentarily pulled ahead of Brett but lost the lead when Brett jumped across a gap in the beams while Dave chose to follow the path. This allowed Brett to steal the 1st spot in the Wipeout Zone from Dave. During round 2 Dave was the third to pass through the Bungie after Shannon and Billy. Shannon fell immediately on the Blue Balls though, leaving Dave only behind Billy as the two crawled across the Blue Balls. Despite his best effort, Dave was unable to catch Billy who took the 2nd spot in the Zone. During round 3 Dave was second to get through the Bungie after Shannon, but Shannon got off the spinner on the wrong side, putting Dave in the lead. Unfortunately, Dave didn't learn his lesson from round 1 and again followed the path of the beams while Shannon pulled ahead by jumping across a gap in the beams, taking the 3rd spot in the Zone.

Now in the fourth and final round, Dave's only remaining competition was Eva and Janna. After one last spin on the Dizzy Dummy, Dave got out a big lead and was quickly through the Bungie and off to Blue Balls. As it was the last round, Dave and the others would now be pelted by dodgeballs while crossing the Blue Balls! Dave almost made it on his first crossing but fell at the last few balls. This almost cost him the last spot, but fortunately Janna fell as he was swimming back, giving him another chance. Dave pulled ahead of Eva on his second try and slowly but surely crawled his way across the Blue Balls to the finishing platform, taking the final spot in the Wipeout Zone.

Wipeout Zone[]

Dave was the second to run in the Wipeout Zone and had to beat a time of 7:01.39 set by Billy. Dave began his run by sliding down the 'Aqua launch', which tonight he and the other finalists would do in kayaks. Dave got great distance of the slide and was quickly out of his kayak and swimming towards the first obstacle, the 'Raging Rapids'. Half way up the Rapids, Dave was hit by the 1000g tidal wave. While Billy was able to beat the tidal wave, Dave could not and was forced back down the Rapids and into the water, as the tidal wave was a one-time deal, Dave didn't have to deal with it on his second attempt and was able to crawl up the Rapids without further incident, but he was now a full minute behind Billy's pace.

Dave now faced the 'Crazy Sweeper', which tonight had been modified. Not only did Dave have to watch out for the two Sweeper arms, but also three blue punching bags hanging between the arms. On his first attempt Dave only got a few steps out before taking a hit from one of the punching bags and falling into the water. Dave did much better on his second attempt, keeping ahead of the sweeper arm as he ran across the beam and pedestals, on the last pedestal though, Dave hesitated and was taken out by the sweeper arm before he could jump to the next platform. With only 30 seconds left, Dave breezed through the sweeper on his third attempt. All that remained was the 'Dodgeball Turntables', three spinning turntables between him and the finish platform, each one filled with dodgeballs and two 'Wrecking Balls' hanging overhead. Despite his best effort, Dave only made it to third turntable before the clock ran out and he lost the $50,000.