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"Hometown Hero" Corey Kilroy was a contestant on S3E16 "Americas Finest" and ended up winning the $50,000. Corey's nickname came from the account of him helping to save his neighbors' homes from burning down.



Corey began his run by being the first to conquer the first obstacle the 'Sweeper Trees', Corey expertly jumped over the sweeper arms to make it to the other side. At the Sucker Punch, Corey only made it halfway before falling into the mud. The rest of Corey's run wasn't shown but his time was fast enough to advance to the next stage.

Double Cross[]

On the Doublecross, Corey was one of the first to make an attempt at the obstacle but was immediately taken out by a sweeper arm. Whilst in the water, contestant Janet Pedersen made an attempt, fell, and ended up falling onto Corey as he was swimming back to the start, neither was seriously injured. Corey made it to the middle on his second attempt where he, and the others, had to contend with slippery foam being sprayed from a hose above onto the center. After Kenneth Ly took the 1st spot, Corey moved down the red plank, hopped the sweeper arm, but came up just short on his jump to the Unstable Table. On his third attempt, Corey jumped over an arm on a green plank, but lost his balance and ended up jumping right into the next oncoming sweeper, flipping head over heels into the water from the impact. On his fourth attempt, Corey made it back to the middle. Despite being covered in foam, Corey bolted down the red plank, leapt to the Unstable Table as the plank was moving away, and was able to hold when the table tilted and made it to the finish platform taking the 5th spot in the next round. Corey moved on alongside Janet, Kenneth, Michael Omohundro, Dean Viana, and Geoffrey Lee.

The American Revolution[]

For stage 3 Corey and the others would take on the 'American Revolution' (a renamed version of Unclaimed Baggage). During round 1, Corey managed to stay on longer than Kenneth, Michael, and Geoffrey, who was disqualified from the round for missing the sweeper. Just as Geoffrey missed the bar, Corey was knocked off his feet, recovered, only to fall into water on the next sweeper pass, shouting "RED WHITE AND BLUE!" on his way down. Thus Corey lost the 1st spot in the Wipeout Zone to Dean. During round 2, Kenneth was the first to fall, followed by Geoffrey and Michael. This left Corey and Janet as the only two remaining. Both got tripped up by the sweeper, but Corey was able stop himself from sliding off the spinner whilst Janet could not, thus Corey took the 2nd spot in the Zone. Kenneth and Michael would take the other 2 spots, setting the stage for the Wipeout Zone.

Wipeout Zone[]

Corey would be the last to run the Wipeout Zone that night and had to beat a time of 14:10.97 set by Dean, which both Michael and Kenneth had failed to beat. Corey began his run with a good entry off the Dreadmill Launch. Once out of the water, Corey crossed the Gutbusters on his first attempt, making it to the Sinistairs 20 seconds ahead of Deans pace. Corey was able to climb the stairs without incident, but appeared visibly exhausted as he reached the top of the obstacle and crossed over to the final leg of the Zone, the Gauntlet. Corey mastered the pattern on the Crankshaft, but was knocked off by the Blades of Fury when he got clipped by the first set of Blades, ending his perfect run. On his second Gauntlet attempt, Corey passed the Crankshaft and Blades of Fury, and now faced the Beater Totter, Corey almost made it across but slid off when the Totter reared up. Back up for a third attempt at the 9:40 mark, Corey once again passed Crankshaft and Blades of Fury, making it back to the Beater Totter where he began crawling across. As he neared the end, the Beater Totter violently reared up, throwing Corey backwards, but Corey was somehow able to hold on continued crawling towards the end, as the Totter reared up again, Corey launched himself forward onto the finish platform. Standing up to stop the clock, Corey beat Dean with a time of 10:36.88, winning the $50,000. Corey celebrated as fireworks went off in the background.