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Carl Winefordner
Carl winefordner
He is no match for the Smackwall Sweeper.


Carl Winefordner


Fashion Daredevil













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Carl Winefordner was a contestant on the Mustard, Ketchup, & Wipeout Weenies Episode. He was called the "Fashion Daredevil", because of his bravery crossing things such as an alligator infested lake, and because of his bad taste in shirts. He made it all the way to the Wipeout Zone, where he lost to David Brummel. He placed second.


When asked by Jill what the craziest thing is that he's ever done, he answeres that he once crossed an alligator infested lake, because of a friend of his did it, and he didn't want to be left behind. He considers himself a brave man, but Jill comments about his shirt.



Carl's unseen run on the Big Balls.

The first obstacle Carl encounters is the Smack Wall Sweeper. Carl doesn't see the wall coming, takes a huge blow and falls in the mud. The second time, he fails as well. His run on the Sucker Punch and the Big Balls is not known, but he probably failed on these as well. On the Beaten Path, Carl tries walk across, but slips back on one of the first fenders and falls into the water. The Trouble-U's are the last obstacle of the Qualifier. Carl jumps over the first triangle on the platform, but gets hit and hits the water. He comes in with a time of 04:20.9, good enough to advance.

On the Overdrive, he's one of the four contestants who try the obstacle immediately, but loses his balance and slips in the water. Carl tries something different on his next attempt. After he enters the green spot, he grabs hold of the sweeper arm and rides it until he reaches the red spot. He lands it, but gets taken out by a bar immediately. He tries the same strategy on his next attempt, and this time it works out for him. He reaches the red spot and jumps to the green Big Ball. He then jumps to the finish platform and is the first to move on.

Next is the Bruiseball course, at night. First, Carl takes a ride in the Dizzy Dummy, after that Carl follows two other contestant on the Pitcher's Mountain, and lands on the platform before first base, where he is taken out by a sweeper bat. He's quickly up however, and goes to first base. When he tries to take a run at the Bouncing Base Pad, he loses his balance because of the flying hot dogs that are hitting him. On his second attempt, he crawls on the Base Pad, and tries to jump over the sweeper bat, but due to the shaking of the obstacle, he fails and takes a brutal hit from the bat before sliding in the water. He tries a third time, but misses the landing while trying to jump over the bat. In the second inning, Carl is the first out of the Dizzy Dummy and reaches the Pitcher's Mountain. Somehow though, he lands back into the water, and has to make the run to first base again. On the Bouncing Base Pad, he quickly runs across and manages to get both feet on second base before the bat sweeps him into the water. Carl dives towards the Turntables, and is quickly on third base. He then dives for home plate but misses by a mile. He then sees David Brummel making the leap successfully, and does the same. He's the last person to move on to the Wipeout Zone.


Carl is loaded in the Catapult.

In the zone, he's the first to go. He gets launched by the Catapult and makes a feet-first entry. Carl jumps in the Spin Cycle and regains his footing quite quickly. He sprints towards the platform but jumps way too early and has to try again. Carl tries to sprint again, but lets that idea adjusting, as he rides himself around instead and makes it to the Triple Threat. The water cannons startle him a lot, and when he reaches the third turntable, he can't get his footing and falls in the drink. On his second attempt, he makes it through with ease and faces the Rib Rage, on which he crosses six of them. On the Gauntlet, he faces the Spiked Whackers and the Arms & Dangerous. He makes it through the first whacker, but gets a little careless and is hit by the second one. He tries again and manages to get to the Arms & Dangerous, where he tries to run along the edge, but loses his balance and falls again. The third try is his final time, as he makes it all the way through the Gauntlet, and sets a time of 12:43.02. This time is beaten by David Brummel, but Carl still places second in the episode.


Qualifier 04:20.9
Overdrive 1st
Bruiseball After Dark 4th
Wipeout Zone 2nd (12:43.02)


"Carl, do you consider yourself a brave man?"
"Umm, yeah."
"You're wearing that shirt."

- Jill, Carl