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Season 3's Bruiseball in Round Three

Bruiseball is a Round Three course used in Season 3. It is one of three courses used as the third round for the season, along with the Spinner and the Circular Challenge.

First, the six contestants either take a spin on the Dizzy Dummy or sit together on the benches. Then at the crack of the bat, they'll run down the first baseline, across the pedestals, onto the Pitcher's Mound Spinner, over the Tippy Table, and onto first base all while avoiding the swinging Bruiseball bats. Once safely on the base, they'll have to make it down the Bouncing Base Path to second. To steal third, they'll have to survive a rundown on the Turntables/Slidewalks. And to score a run, they have to dive headfirst from the diving boards and touch Home Plate before landing in the mud below. There are two innings, and the first two contestants to score in each inning move on to the Wipeout Zone.

This was first featured on the Blind Date episode as a bonus round, and then became a regular third round in Season 3.

In Season 4, it was replaced by the Seven Letter Word and Winter Blunder Land.