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The Planks

The Breakaway Planks are a recurring obstacle and are a series of planks that contestants must walk across carefully to the other side. They must be careful. Some of them are fixed. The rest of the planks tilt down, making the contestants fall into the mud or pudding down below.

Love Train[]

The Breakaway Planks return in Season 4. It was renamed the Love Train as it was a Blind Date episode. They pretty much act the same, but the Breakaway Planks were colored brown since tracks are made of wood.

Relations: Corporate Ladder

Although they did not reappear in Season 5, an identical obstacle was the Corporate Ladder.

Game Appearances[]

The Breakaway Planks have also appeared in Wipeout the Game for The Nintendo DS and The Nintendo Wii. Except the contestants jump across them and they are over water. In some of the challenging qualifiers, they were associated with the Plank-In-Your-Face, and the double diving boards. In the game, the Breakaway Planks had 5 or 8 planks over water.