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"The Home Loaner" Bradley Bickle is a contestant from S4E22 "You're All Acting Like Babies". Bradley's nickname comes from his job as a home loan banker.



Bradley began his qualifier run by facing the Teeter Towers, he only made it to the third tower on the first set, and only to second tower on the second set. At the Big Balls, Bradley ran down the dreadmill and stepped across the first ball, got tripped up at the second ball, and fell belly down on the third ball before falling into the water. The rest of Bradley's run was not shown but his time was good enough to advance to the next round.


Bradley was standing on the far-right side of the starting platform at the beginning of the round. When the horn sounded, Bradley moved down the pedestals to the red square. Bradley, alongside Lindsey Glick and Bonni Peery, tried to grab the same red dangler at once, causing both Bradley and Bonni to simultaneously fall in the water while Lindsey was able to hang a little longer before falling off at the second hurdle. Later on, a very similar fail occurred when Bonni grabbed a red dangler, knocking Ananda Leberge off the platform in the process. Bradley grabbed the same dangler but could not get a grip and fell off at the first hurdle while Bonni fell just ahead of it, leading to another triple wipeout. Bradley made it passed the red track offscreen and was now up to the yellow track. Just after Steven Miller took the 2nd spot in the next stage, Bradley can be seen hitting the water from a failed attempt at grabbing a yellow dangler. In a later attempt, Bradley tried grabbing a dangler but again, could not get a grip and fell before reaching the first sweeper arm. With only one spot remaining, Bradley was finally able to get a hold of a yellow dangler and passed the sweeper arms without incident. Bradley's dismount onto the finish platform appeared clean, but he held on to the dangler with his hands for just a smidge too long and got pulled to the edge of the platform where he teetered for a few moments before losing his balance and jumping off into the water. Because he failed to stay on the platform, Bradley did not advance, and the last spot would be taken by Patricia Garza.