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The Blades of Fury is a recurring obstacle as part of the Gauntlet in the Wipeout Zone, being placed as the fifth obstacle in the course overall.

Contestants have to jump through two rapidly spinning windmills without being knocked off into the water. It also appears in Wipeout: The Game with the Piston Punch.

It was later combined with the Fling Set to create The Swing Blades, the second obstacle in Season 5's Wipeout Zone.

Season 2[]

The obstacle makes a minor appearance in Season 2, replacing the Turntable. They only appear twice in which the episodes with the water cannons and teeth are involved. This obstacle was part of the Gauntlet with the Piston Punch and the Dangerous Drop Bridge.

Season 3[]

The obstacle makes a common appearance, and like last time, it is an obstacle that is part of the Gauntlet, now joined by the Crankshaft and the Beater Totter.