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Ben "Principal" Carpenter is a contestant from S4E13 "Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony Ever". Carpenter's nickname comes from his job as a high school principal.



Ben's qualifier run was only shown from the Spring Fling onwards. For this episode contestants had to enter the Spring Fling using a zipline, Ben mistimed his launch from the platform and ended up crashing into the left pillar of the swing before falling into the water. At the final obstacle, the candy themed "Wipeout Kitchen", Ben dove headfirst into the taffy. After making through the ovens and over one tootsie roll, Ben just had one last tootsie roll to cross, while he was able to clear it, he landed too far to the right and slid off the walkway. Ben finished his run with a time of 04:27.5 which was good enough to advance to the next round.


Ben and the others would now face the Scareousel, which for this episode now had giant blue dinghies hanging between the danglers. Ben can be seen early on in the background of one shot crossing the hurdles alone on a red dangler but failed to let go and had to ride the dangler back around. Upon coming back around, Ben was joined by Bill Carlson, who grabbed the same dangler, they were both were able to clear the hurdles, but they both overshot the red platform upon letting go. During a rapid compilation of wipeouts, Ben is again shown missing the red platform upon letting go of the dangler. Ben finally cleared the obstacle offscreen and was now up to the yellow track. Ben got a grip on a yellow dangler and was able to hold on past the sweeper arms and safely landed on the finish platform, However whilst standing up in celebration, Ben got slammed by one of the giant blue dinghies, falling off the platform headfirst into the water. Nonetheless, Ben had secured the 2nd spot in the next round where he would be joined by Bill, Matt Corrigan, Matthew Franchina, Robyn Kalota, and Jamie Leonard.


During round 1 Ben was second to fall after Robyn, he able to clear the arm on the first rotation, but couldn't even jump on the second pass and ended up losing his shoes when his feet clipped the edge the trampoline as the bar took him out. For round 2 Ben was again the second to fall, this time after Jamie, when he fumbled his jump and got taken out. For the final round, Robyn and Jamie were taken out early, leaving Ben in a faceoff with Bill. After a few rotations, Ben jumped just a moment too late, got his feet knocked out from under him, and smacked his head on the side of the pedestal before falling into the water, thus ending his day on Wipeout and giving the last spot in the Zone to Bill.