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Banna Hamocks

Season 2's Banana Splits in the Food Finale

The Banana Hammocks is an obstacle, first introduced in Season 2, Episode 3 as the first obstacle of the Qualifier.

Contestants must run across two sets of three swinging padded hammocks placed at different heights. If they failed the first set, they must then attempt the second set. No contestant managed to clear this obstacle.

When they were reintroduced for the food finale of Season 2, they were renamed the Banana Splits. This time, there were cherries and cream on the third and fourth hammock, as well as the middle platform. The mud was referred to as pudding and was topped with cream.

In Season 3, a banana hammock was placed as one of the three exits on the Overdrive. In Wipeout: The Game, sometimes they appear in the Qualifier in the challenging mode.

Panic Hammocks[]


Season 5's Panic Hammocks

A variation of the Banana Hammocks, called the Panic Hammocks, appeared as the fifth obstacle of the Qualifier in Season 5 (Summer Wipeout), replacing Santa's Workshop. It was interchanged with the Rumble Room as the second post-Big Balls obstacle in the Qualifier for the rest of the season.

Contestants must ride around two sets of ferris wheels, each with four hammocks attached, dismounting at the platform on the other side. The first wheel spun counterclockwise while the second wheel spun clockwise. Despite the simple concept, because of fatigue from the previous obstacles, it meant that most contestants wouldn't have enough energy to jump around this obstacle.