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Arielle Valdez
Arielle on the Bruiseball Turntables.


Arielle Valdez


Little Mermaid








High School Student, Lifeguard





Eliminated in

Wipeout Zone



Arielle Valdez was a contestant on the special Blind Date Edition of Wipeout. She was paired with Scott Jones, but lost to Jayson Lansburg & Katelyn Reina in the Wipeout Zone. Due to her name and her occupation as lifeguard, she was called the "Little Mermaid".


Arielle is asked by Jill what her perfect guy is. She says she likes good personalities, he has to be funny and cute. Jill than introduces her blind date Scott Jones by saying that they're both lifeguards who want to take on the world. Arielle is surprised as Scott comes out, and hugs him. She then comments that he looks like Jesus.


Arielle runs down the ramp of the Qualifier with her blind date Scott, but slips on the stairs. While holding hands, they try to get across the Springy Steps, but fail at the third and unstable step. The same happens for their second try. Arielle then takes on the Sucker Punch first, but lands in the mud after taking a punch from one of the first fists. Arielle runs to the Big Balls, where she's a bit distracted by Scott calling her a little mermaid. Due to her hesitation, the Deck Motivator is triggered for the first time and is catapulted in the water. After Scott falls at the Big Balls, Arielle takes on the Trampoline Sweepers. She walks to the third trampoline with ease, but is caught by a sweeper arm and is sent into the water. On the Love Handles, Arielle is turned upside-down by the first handle and swims to the finish spot.

The next stunt is the Overdrive. Arielle starts off by running down the plank and gets knocked down by the bar. The bar goes over her head and she has to go back. On the second attempt shown, Arielle makes it to the center, and is very excited about it. She tries to go to the red spot by crawling on the sweeper bar, but ends up being scared. She eventually makes it to the red spot, circles around and jumps to the Unstable Table. From there, she leaps to the finish and is the third to have reached it. Her partner Scott eventually makes it as well and are the last couple to move on.

Arielle is the fourth to try the One-Ring Circus, starting where her partner Scott ended, at 03:39.63. She is caught almost immediately by the Sweeper Bar and has to swim to the second part of the course, where she fails to reach the second High Diving Board. After falling on the Rug Pull, the Stilt Trip proves to be the hardest part of the stunt for Ariel. She falls three times due to her jumping in mid-air over the bar. After listening to advice from Scott, she finally finishes with a combined time of 10:00.06. Steven Brandon and Katie Calpino didn't beat their time, which means that Scott and Arielle could move on to the Wipeout Zone.

Arielle is the last to run the course in the Wipeout Zone, beginning with Scott's time of 11:25.12 , and having to beat 19:52.93, the time of Power Couple Jayson Lansburg and Katelyn Reina. Arielle is launched, but she stays in control and due to her great swimming ability, she reaches the first obstacle in no time. She stumbles around quite some time in the Spin Cycle, but manages to find her way to the end and finish in one try. She gets on the second turntable on the Triple Threat, and needs two more tries before she can cross the obstacle. She crosses six ribs of the Rib Rage and quickly swims to the Gauntlet, where the Spiked Whackers knock her out. The next time she crosses them, but then the Arms & Dangerous knock her in the water after one step. She isn't able to figure out the obstacle after two more tries, and runs out of time, losing to the Power Couple.


Individual Couple
Qualifier / 4th (06:29.7)
Overdrive 3rd 3rd
Bruiseball $0 $0
One-Ring Circus 5th 2nd
Wipeout Zone Out of time 2nd (Out of time)


"I like good personalities..."
"Like, multiple personalities?"
"No, no. Just one."

- Arielle, Jill

"You look like Jesus!"

- Arielle (about Scott)

"Can we slow it down? I don't wanna die, I'm still in high school."
"You are?"
"I am!"

- Arielle, Garret Camillen

"Scott, I'll buy you a hot dog if you get this."
"I thought we were going for burritos."

- Arielle, Scott Jones


  • Normally, Wipeout doesn't take high schoolers, but Arielle stole their hearts, and since she was 18 already, they let her pass.

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