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Ariel Tweto
Ariel in the All-Star Edition


Ariel Tweto


Never Been Kissed (Except By a Crazy Beam), Kissaholic




20, 21





1x03, 2x11


3rd, 2nd

Eliminated in

Wipeout Zone (twice)


Crossed Big Balls & Trapeze Swing Set

Ariel Tweto was a contestant on Wipeout. She was the first shown to clear the Big Balls, but is more famous for her blooper on the Pole Vault, where she couldn't spot the 30' pole that was right in front of her. She was featured in 1x03, and returned for the All-Star Edition in 2x11. She was referred to by the Johns as Ariel "Never Been Kissed" Tweto.

According to her, the cooks were her uncles and aunts, and the policemen her cousins and friends. She has never had a boyfriend, and has never been kissed. She explains this due to the fact that everyone in the village is related to her, and she didn't feel like dating her cousins. She then proceeds to talk to the camera, saying that she's single and that she's living the good life.

At the end of the season, during the Top 25 Moments Episode, Ariel appears again after the Johns reveal Ariel is their favorite moment of the season. Henson asks her if she has been kissed, to which she not replies and only gives the public a "maybe" look. She leaves the stage by doing her Alaska dance she also did on the qualifier.

A year later, Ariel returns in the All-Star Edition, in which Jill askes her if she has been kissed by now. She confirms that she has, and when Jill says that kissing is fun, Ariel says she's like a kissaholic now, but then quickly turns to her dad and says she's kidding.



Ariel can't find the pole that's right in front of her.


Ariel begins with her Alaska dance at the top of the ramp, and stumbles at the non-obstacle bottom of the ramp. She recovers quickly though, and makes her way to the Donut Run. She crosses 3 stacks before ultimately tumbling down. Her second attempt is not shown. While she's making her way to the Sucker Punch, the Johns reveal Ariel competes in the Alaskan Youth Olympics, but her athletic training doesn't carry her to the other side. As John Anderson says her event was the 'seal hop', Ariel begins her leap to the Big Balls. Landing on the second ball, Ariel uses her previously mentioned seal hop technique to stay on, as well as on the third and fourth ball. She then proceeds to be the first who crossed the Big Balls (minus the Pilot episode, which was aired later). Ariel begins her climb to the Pole Vault, while the Johns say that nothing can stop her now, until she yells: "Where's the pole?". Apparently, Ariel couldn't see the 30' pole that was directly in front of her. After a little hesitation, she goes for it and jumps right next the pole into the water. In the water, she uses the doggy paddle, as she cannot swim well. Regardless of that last error, Ariel still turns in a pretty impressive run of 02:25.01, so she moves on to the next round. While talking to Jill, Ariel explains she couldn't see the pole because she thought it was yellow.

Next is the Sweeper round, which this week features large sticks facing up. John Anderson calls it the Toothbrush, Henson prefers to call it the Spikes of Doom. Two people fall, and when Ariel jumps over the bar, she claims it's scary. John Henson than jokes that she didn't have a problem finding the pole this time. After Jennifer Tapiero, who was standing right after her, wipes out, Ariel's the only girl left and gets clipped by the spikes. She remains on the platform however, and is still in. The following round is carnage, as the first three people on the pedestals all wipe out, Chris Lekawa almost wipes out, but survives and Ariel ultimately goes down. But they only needed 3 more people to wipe out, so Ariel gets to move on to the next round. 'Teenage Ninja' Kyle Adler wins the round.


Ariel moves on to the Wipeout Zone.

The third round Ariel has to conquer is the Dizzy Dummy. After the first spin she crawls forward to the Crazy Beams where she only gets to the second beam before wiping out. She doesn't get a chance anymore, because Kyle nabs the first spot in the Wipeout Zone. Meanwhile, the weather is setting in, and the Johns joke that you know it is cold when an Alaskan competitor is shivering, referring to Ariel. During their second spin, something looks wrong with Jarran Joshu, and Ariel yells not to throw up on her. However, he does throw up and while the dizzy dummy slows down, Ariel is shown with a disgusted look. As she's freed from the dizzy dummy, she checks on Jarran, or according to the Johns: 'looking for love in all the wrong places'. Jarran is eliminated and they spin again. They go to the Crazy Beams again, after skipping a round. She's held up a few seconds by the others, but after their falls she starts her run and makes several beams standing up. Ariel is half-way across, but then sees Neil Smith going for the finish platform and the round is over. After the third they go to the Pole Vault (not the same obstacle as the qualifier). All three of them reach the poles, but Ariel and Chris are too dizzy to go first and let Nick Louis go first. He wipes out at the second half of the obstacle though, and after Chris falls, Ariel tries as well but smacks into the platform. With no-one advancing, the first two over the crazy beams make it to the wipeout zone. After the spin, Ariel takes a moment to get her bearings straight, but then lands the first beam. Ariel jumps to her third beam, but it is too far away and she has to go back. She misses her very first beam, while Nick reaches the finish. When Ariel jumps to her second to last beam, the Johns joke about her having her first kiss, hence her extended nickname "Never been kissed except by a crazy beam". She makes it to the last beam, hesitates and comments that it looks so easy but it is so hard. She makes the leap and moves on to the wipeout zone.

Ariel's the first to compete in the Wipeout Zone, and represents for the women. She gets launched down Killer Surf and climbs up the Barrel Run, having a disadvantage here due to her diminutive size. However, she makes it to the top without wiping out and clears the Water Wall as well. She then faces the Spinner, jumps, lands against one of the bumpers and gets sent back into the water.


Ariel's Alaska dance in the All-Star Edition.

Because of her bad swimming, getting back up is a time consuming process. She tries for a second time but falls again, and now she has to make an even larger swim back. The third time she finally gets on, and her jump off is just as well. She jumps on the first of the Launch Pads, but is sloppy and falls into the water. The second time works out better for Ariel and she even makes two launch pads in one go. She jumps to the finish platform with a time of 15:57.93 on the clock, which proves enough to beat Neil Smith, but not Nick Louis, who then gets beaten by Kyle Adler. He's the winner, Ariel gets third place.


Ariel returns to Wipeout and showes her Alaskan dance at the top of the ramp again. She falls at the Spiked Fenders, and goes into the mud pit at the Sucker Punch. Now it's time to get serious with the Big Balls. The Johns explain to the viewers that she crossed them last time, using her seal hop technique. Unfortunately, she opts for an other technique, the seal flop. Ariel kisses the second ball and goes down. She's now going to the Trampoline Hurtles, where she takes some brutal shots to the kisser, but reaches the end fairly quick. While she reaches the Trapeze Swing Set, Jill reminds her that there's no pole. The viewers get an All-Star Flashback of the pole incident. However, she nails the Trapeze Swing Set and dances upon her victory of 02:50.7.

The 12 survivors then face the Gyro Sweeper, completed with sacks. Ariel reaches the final six without too much trouble. Immediately after William Hill wipes out, Ariel ducks at the wrong moment, and the Gyro Sweeper sweeps her into the next pedestal. She places fourth in this round, with Robert Davis winning the round.


Ariel misses the $50,000 by a foot.

The final six then have to ride the Bucking Bull. Ariel, the second to compete, loses her hat quickly and then takes some brutal shots to her head, to which the Johns keep referring to as kisses. She plunges into the water at 00:58.46, the best time of all six. Ariel moves on to the Wipeout Zone.

Unlike her previous go at the Wipeout Zone, this time she has to go last. Ariel is launched by the Catapult and is sent into the water, with a perfect entry. She faces the Gears of Doom next, but after not coming close to making the second gear, she immediately opts for the time penalty. Moving on to the Scary-go-round, Ariel dives onto the platform, only to be taken out by the sweeper arm. The second time works out better and she makes it to the Gauntlet. She gets hit by the second piston and sends her swimming. She only has 30 seconds left on the clock. She ascends on the Drop Bridge, and half-way her ascend it drops, but miraculously she hangs on. She lifts herself up on the finish platform, but while she's trying hard to lift one of her legs up, her time expires and Chris Kinyon wins the All-Star Edition. Ariel still makes it to the platform however. The other contestants ran out of time, but didn't make it to the end, so Ariel ultimately claimed 2nd place this time.



Qualifier 9th (02:25.1)
Toothbrush Sweeper 6th
Dizzy Dummy 4th
Wipeout Zone 3rd (15:57.93)


Qualifier 2nd (02:50.7)
Gyro Sweeper with sacks 4th
Bucking Bull 1st (00:58.46)
Wipeout Zone 2nd (Out of time)


"You know, John, Ariel can beat some of the Alaskan youth olympics."
"Let's see if that athletic training carries her to the other side."
"Not at all."

- Ariel, John Anderson, John Henson

"Where's the pole?"

- Ariel

"Doggy paddle! I suck at swimming."

- Ariel

"There was the pole. I was right in front of it!"
"So you didn't even see the pole?"
"No, I thought the pole was yellow!"
"The pole's not yellow, Ariel..."

- Ariel, Jill Wagner

"It looks so easy, but it's so hard!"
"Where's the platform?"

- Ariel, John Henson

"I'm like a kissaholic now. No, I'm kidding, I'm not, I'm not. Dad, I'm kidding..."

- Ariel

"Ariel, using a slightly different technique, the Seal Flop. That was effective, really."
"Yeah, and unfortunately for Ariel's dad, I think she might have a problem: Hello, my name's Ariel, and I'm a kissaholic. "

- John Anderson, John Henson

"Dancing, proves that rhythm is a gift bestowed upon few."

- John Anderson


  • Ariel appeared in a episode of MTV's hit show, "Parental Control". She later starred in the series "The Great North" in 2021 as Kima Evanoff.
  • Ariel Tweto and Robert Davis are the only ones who competed in the Wipeout Zone twice, prior to the second All-Stars episode (4x21 ), where contestants Matt Christopherson and Deborah Blackwell returned to the Wipeout Zone as well. Later, other episodes with other All-Star contestants were invited to the Wipeout Zone once more.
  • Ariel is part of the Discovery Channel show "Flying Wild Alaska", a reality series that hosts her family airline's operations. Her father Jim Tweto is the COO of Era Alaska, her mother Ferno Tweto is the operations station manager, and her older sister Ayla Tweto is part of the ground crew. The series aired from 2011-2012.